About me

I am a content specialist with an experience in the industry of 10+ years. I have worked for many companies in different industries helping them create a more effective brand message.

Digital content specialist

Many years of experience in this field have led me to become a content specialist capable of helping any business, big and small, reach its marketing goals.

I have been in industries like technology, healthcare, or tourism. In addition to writing and creating content, I have extensive experience in graphic and web design, social media, and communications.


Additionally, I can also provide services as a translator for both English and Spanish content. If your next project needs multilingual content,

I can help you!

Captivating content

Ideas and content that make your brand more atractive and interesting for your audience

Realistic goals

Realistic and atainable proposals, manageable in time with the best performance

Transparency and quality

Information of the step-by-step process in order to understand how to achieve the established goals

Some projects I have worked with

Club de Mar Logo
Illes CW
Kitmaker mobile games
Palma Pictures
UMusic Hotels


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+34 686 154 316


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