To write persuasive copy you need to apply at least these 3 principles:

  • Focus on the audience’s problem
  • Use “you” more and “me” less
  • Give a lot of detail and specifics

Most of the copy you read around fails to meet the basic mission it’s set out to accomplish – action from the reader.

If there is one you need to get from your copy, it’s exactly that.

If you want your readers to click, buy, or book a call you need to think about what you can do or say to make them take that desired action when they land on your piece of content.

Why is copy important in sales?

We all buy from people and places we like and trust, right?

The reason why we do that is because, at some point in our reading, we see something that clicks. We read that one thing that speaks right to our needs, problems, and pain points.

That’s why it’s so important to find the exact message – or better yet – the exact words your potential customers want to read when they browse online.

Copywriting is what makes your audience choose your offer over others so think twice before writing a headline, a hook, or a call to action.

The words you use there are going to make all the difference – are your users going to click or leave?

It all depends on your copy.

How to write persuasive copy that sells

Focus on the reader’s problem

The first thing you need to focus on is what is your potential client looking for. To have a clearer idea, you need to find out what drives them to browse for information online:

  • Are they trying to solve a problem? Find out what it is
  • Are they looking for information? Be the source
  • Are they looking to buy a product like yours? Showcase how you are the best option

Find out what makes them search for something online and a lot of your work will be already done.

Use more You and less Me

Here’s the deal – people don’t want to read how you talk about yourself, your product, or your service from a “me” perspective.

They want to feel like they’re being listened to, like there’s someone out there who understands what they need.

That’s why it’s so important that your copy loses the “I” tone and starts using “you” more. That way, you place your audience at the center of attention.

So instead of writing:

This is why our product is great


This is how you can save XYZ with our free trial solution

See? You place your customer first and you second. That makes it more interesting and appealing.

Give a lot of specifics

Vague and generic don’t sell well. However, details and specifics do.

The reason is simple – we trust numbers and specifics because that’s what gives credit to a statement.

What would you believe more?

Our product helps you to save money in international payments


Save up to 20% in international payments the first year

Your readers will choose whatever option gives more detail and clears more doubts.

Now go out there and try these, you’ll definitely see a difference.

PS: Writing copy that converts your reader isn’t easy but it’s not hard either. You can start mastering the skill by grabbing your copywriting ebook today.