One of the elements any business or brand wants in order to be known and have a good online presence is a good website.

If you are thinking of having your own or you think your business needs it, surely there is one thing that worries you the most: how much is a website?

Read on to find out what factors should be taken into account to find out how much a website costs and if the price they offer you is right.

1. Why is there such a price difference for the same website?

You have probably found some cases where you are being asked different prices for the same web, maybe from 300$ to 1,300$. It doesn’t seem too logical, does it?

The fact is that between one price and the other, there might be several quality differences that make one site more basic or more detailed.

For example, it is not the same to create a website with a free platform like Wix or Blogger – for which you don’t need advanced knowledge or technical experience to build a basic website- as to create it with a professional tool like or building it with code from scratch.

Having a web created professionally with tools like means having wider technical and graphic knowledge, which makes it necessary to invest more time in building it.

So if you want to turn a website into a selling tool, you will have to introduce digital marketing and SEO strategies or it will just be a live website but with no means to attract traffic.

Cuánto cuesta una página web How much is a website

2. What is the best tool to create a website at the best price?

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people are attracted to low prices when it comes to paying for a product or service.

The same happens with a website. When someone sees you can have one for around 300$, they jump into hiring that service without considering the negative aspects that might entail.

How much is a website with WordPress

One of the most recommended and popular tools out there is WordPress.

It offers many advantages due to its flexibility, versatility, and usability, which is not overly complex. This is one of the cheapest solutions you can access right now and that is why professionals everywhere use it to build websites.

Thanks to WordPress you will be able to create an attractive and simple site, one that has all the major digital marketing elements in place.

Other website creation tools

Logically, there is not only WordPress as an option to create a site, there are many others that have their pros and cons:

  • Building with HTML: This technique requires high knowledge of web development and can be a professional alternative but it has some inconveniences that could be hard to take on for many businesses. HTML is pure computer code, which means that any element you see on a website has to be written with this code. This translates into 3 consequences:
    • The development time can take too long. Having to build every single thing from scratch, the developer needs much more time to create and define every section or element of the web.
    • The price can be much higher precisely because it is a more time-consuming process.
    • In the end, we will have created a website the client cannot modify or touch, not even to change a piece of text or an image. That leaves them in a situation where they depend on the website developer, who is likely to charge a high maintenance service fee.
  • Other tools are similar to WordPress, like Prestashop. These are much more intuitive tools than HTML, but still, these have a slightly higher level of complexity and are more expensive. This system has a different working structure and not everyone is familiar with it.
  • Shopify is another popular alternative, especially for e-commerce. This option, like WordPress, is easy to set up, it doesn’t require code, and it is completely customizable. It also offers all kinds of options to set up an online shop, which is the reason why it is so popular these days.

3. Why is WordPress the cheapest and most recommended option?

This tool is actually free, which makes it really advantageous. How much is a website with WordPress then?

One of the pros of WordPress is that, even if the site is built by a professional, it offers easy ways for the client to access it and modify elements only with simple training.

In addition to the fees from the professional we hire, there are other aspects we need to consider as well:

How much is a website domain?

Before we begin building a site, we must have a web domain, that is, our website’s URL, which could be a .com or .net, there are many options.

The first step will be defining what’s the name we want for our website and then we will check if that domain name is available.

Domains are usually valid for one year, with the option to renew them. The cost of this is usually quite low and affordable for many.

The standard price of traditional top-level domains (TLDs) such as .net and .org can range between $6 and $15, whereas newer TLDs like .site and .club can range between $10 and $25.

The hosting service

Once you have the domain you like, you have to hire a hosting service, which is the virtual location of your website. It is important to not try to be cheap with this, as your site will depend entirely on the quality of this service.

The final price of building a web will be much more affordable than the other options listed earlier and the execution time is much lower.

4. What features affect the price of a website?

As we saw earlier, knowing how much a website is means considering that it is not the same to build one with a free tool than to build it with a professional one by someone who knows what the elements a website must have.

Cuánto vale una web How much is a website


If your online business sells products or services, you will need a feature designed for this purpose. The creation and activation of this service require time and knowledge, depending on the complexity of the shop you need.

Private area

Think about a website that has an area for its clients or users to access and see their profile, information, or any other service related to their client status.


If you want your users to introduce their data in a form for you to conduct email marketing actions later, you will need to set up a form with specific settings, which means having a certain amount of knowledge integrating this kind of technology.


Having a site in more than one language comes with an additional cost, as every piece of text needs to be translated.

It is always preferable to have a human translation rather than one by a machine. Let’s not forget that your audience is people who will notice if a text is artificial or incorrect.

5. How much is a website then?

Here are a few price options based on the type of website we may need so you can have a clearer idea of how much a website costs.

Web adaptada a dispositivos Responsive web

A simple website

This is a good option if you are looking for a website to simply present yourself, your business, or your brand. It will only need to have some basic aspects of SEO and digital marketing.

You can choose a nice and simple design thanks to a good template that is optimized for SEO. On sites like ThemeForest, we find a huge variety of possibilities.

A website with these features, in one language and with a basic SEO strategy in place could cost between 500$ and 1,000$.

A professional website

If what you need is a tool that is more oriented to convert an audience, increase sales, or attract more traffic, what you’ll need is a little more than the previous option.

You will need different sections or subpages so you can structure your content and help with good navigation. It is frequent to have around 5 or 6 sections to present your business or brand.

Add a quality design to that, for which we will need someone with graphic skills who knows their way with the main visual builders, and you are in for a killer site.

And don’t forget that any website these days has to be adapted to mobile devices, so you need to consider that at all times.

The price for a website with these elements could be between 1,500$ and 2,000$.

An advanced website

Here you have a website that has the previous features and elements with some extra additions that will make it a more curated and advanced appearance.

Web profesional Professional website

A site like this could include special services like the ones mentioned earlier: forms, booking engines, or e-commerce. If you also want to have it in more than one language, we could be talking about a price between 2,000$ and 3,000$.

Now that you have some keys to knowing how much a website is, you will be able to determine if the price you are offered is adapted to the needs of your business.