Like any business today, one of the main goals that we set ourselves as companies is to get new sales opportunities that make our business grow. One of the tools that can help us achieve this is, without a doubt, web traffic.

Thanks to the volume of visits that we can attract to our site, our business can grow in sales and, therefore, move in the direction we want.

But, have you ever wondered how many of your customers come to you thanks to your website? It is likely that many businesses or professionals do not know this. But the truth is that this indicates if our website works as a sales tool or is simply another site on the internet.

How can you multiply the web traffic of your business? Keep reading to know the keys.

Web traffic, your main sales channel

Web traffic can be considered the main visibility channel for your brand on the internet. This traffic is precisely the result of users interacting with your website through visits, clicks or actions on the site, among others.

Therefore, web traffic is one of the most important goals that any business must set to attract more sales opportunities.

Once we have managed to attract our audience to our website, it will be in our power to offer them a successful user experience so that those visits become potential sales.

Among the main channels through which we can get web traffic is search engines, such as Google, but there are many other channels that can also generate the visibility we need so much.

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What types of web traffic are there?

Not all visits to our website come from the same site. So let’s see what types of web traffic exist:

Organic traffic

This is the traffic that comes to our site whenever users perform a search in an engine such as Google and our page is one of the results that the user clicks. This type of traffic is the most profitable because we can get visits and web traffic by appearing highlighted on the first page of search engine results for free. To appear on that page, we must take into account the SEO techniques that can help us reach those positions.

These are the visits that come to us thanks to search engine ads. The best-known platform is Google Ads, thanks to which we can pay to always appear first on the Google search results page. Of course, our site will always appear labelled as «ad».

Paid web traffic

Social media traffic

This is the traffic that we get every time we share content with a link to our website and someone clicks on it.

This is also a channel with great potential because if we maintain good activity on social networks, we can derive many visits to our website, which is just what we want.

Email traffic

Surely you receive or have received an email from a business or brand that you follow. Perhaps a newsletter, a reminder, a promotion, or simply an informative email. All users who come from that channel belong to this type of web traffic.

Referred traffic

This traffic comes from clicks on links to our page found on other websites. For example, if your company sells coffee capsules, a referred visit would be that of a user who has accessed a blog about “best online stores for coffee capsules” in which there is a link to your page. Users who click on this link are, therefore, referred traffic.

There are other types of channels that can also derive traffic, but the ones we discuss here are the most popular today on the internet.

How can you drive more traffic to your business?

Once we are clear about what types of traffic we can drive to our website, we can plan different strategies that guarantee the highest possible number of visits to our page. Let’s see what they are.

Use content as a lever to optimize your ranking

One of the most effective actions to achieve a good search engine ranking are the keywords. Once we have defined which ones best suit your business goals, we can plan a content strategy that focuses on them.

Thanks to quality and constant content, we will be positioning ourselves before an audience that is looking for related content which means we will be driving qualified traffic.

To start knowing what your target keywords could be, there are some free and paid tools that can help you define them and thus segment your content. Some of the most popular tools are:




Google Keyword Planner

Post a blog consistently

As we have seen in the previous point, a content strategy can be the one that places you in the top search positions in Google. We achieve this by using the keywords that we have identified as an opportunity for our content.

Well, the best way to use those keywords is to place them in the content that we publish regularly on a platform such as a blog.

This may be the perfect opportunity to post and talk about the topics your audience is searching for on the internet right now.

For example, if your business is dedicated to computer repairs and you publish content related to topics such as “6 indicators to renew your laptop”, all those users who search for content related to this topic will reach you organically, which will give you more possibilities to convert them into potential customers.

That is why it is vitally important that you create posts that are aligned with your target keywords. It will be the way your audience finds you instead of your competitors.

blog post

Keep your social networks active

We have already commented that social networks are one more channel of web traffic that can be very interesting for our positioning goals.

Social networks are an ideal channel in which to share links to our content. In this way, our community keeps up to date with our news and can even act as a multiplier of our reach thanks to its interactions with our publications. Every time someone “likes” or shares our content, our visibility increases and, therefore, our web traffic can benefit.

Is it difficult for you to keep a schedule for social media posts?

There are also tools that make this job easier for you so that you don’t have to be 24 hours a day hitting “publish” on all your profiles:




Facebook Ads Manager

Create audiovisual content

One of the best ways to make your content visible is to create and post videos. YouTube is today a channel with enormous visibility and potential, almost at the same level as Google.

In fact, Google itself many times ranks video content from YouTube among the first results since users prefer to watch something than read it.

Therefore, do not miss the potential that creating your video content can offer you. These pieces will also be tremendously versatile since you can post them on YouTube, include them in your blog posts or share them on your social networks.

Use paid strategies

Earlier we discussed that there are paid web traffic channels that can also be an important source of visits to our website. These are some of the channels that can work best for your business:

Google Ads

Do you want to appear among the first search results in the shortest possible time? The most popular option is to pay for ads in Google.

Here you can set exactly by which words users will see your ad featured. This will bring you high-quality traffic to your website since only those people who search for those specific words will see your ad.

Ads on social media

The great advantage of social media campaigns is that you don’t need to invest large budgets to have high visibility for your ads. Campaigns on Facebook or Instagram can generate huge traffic to your website quickly.

Email marketing

Another opportunity to create interesting content for your audience is to periodically send content in the form of an email.

Newsletters, promotions or news can be of great interest to your audience, and by placing the appropriate links within that content, you will be able to attract traffic to sections of your website with much higher conversion potential.


Now that you know which strategies work best to increase your web traffic, put them into practice and you will see how in a short time the visits to your web page experience a change.

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