Copywriting that turns words into sales

Dress your online brand with the best copy and get an effective reach. Blog articles, custom pieces or website copy, you will be able to multiply your visibility in search engines. Start selling smart.
Start selling smart

Turn words into highly-converting copy

Do you know what’s the key to having your audience buy what your selling? Extremely good copy. Want good conversion rates? You need good copy. Looking to climb the Google ranking ladder? You need really good SEO copy. Want your brand to express itself and really start selling? Great copy is what seals the deal.

Good copy can make or break a brand. That’s where I come in.

Thanks to my SEO copywriting services I have helped businesses and brands multiply their earnings by sending the right message to their audience with the right copy.

And I have been doing this for more than 10 years both in English and in Spanish.

Tap into the opportunity to reach thousands of potential clients with the best you can get.

Here are some of the most popular SEO copywriting services:


The creation of regular digital content, with SEO strategies implemented at all times, is one of the most efficient formulas to gain an effective online presence. By combining text, images or video, you will have the opportunity to reach your audience or potential clients with content of their interest.

Website copywriting

Do you already have a website but need to complete its content? It is a key element in offering your clients the answers they are looking for. Make your website shine and attract your target audience with the type of content they are looking for. Be the answer to their questions and make them choose YOU.


Periodically, you can send your subscribers exclusive information about your brand or business. It is a very useful method to achieve sales and loyalty.

Infographics and decks

Create explanatory and detailed pieces that give your customers an easy way to access information about your brand or activity.

redaccion de contenidos_seo copywriting services


Do you want your business to stand out online?


You are only going to achieve that by creating content that captivates, delights, and converts your audience.

The best way to do that is by having extremely good copy across your website, blog, or online content.

Think of all the times you have decided to buy a product or a service. Do you know what helped you make the decision? That’s right, it was good copy.

We read thousands of messages every day and our brain is overloaded with hundreds of calls for our attention but we still manage to pay attention to some of them. How?

We read the right message at the right time. And that’s how we’re hooked.

Start making the most of your online potential using my SEO copywriting services.

What other clients say

I worked with Clara for Instagram and LinkedIn management. Clara was always incredibly professional in her manner and always quick to respond. We appreciated her flexibility and working style. Clara dealt with our service providers proactively and was a great problem solver. Being bilingual in Spanish and English was also essential for us- a talented lady! Thanks Clara

J. Cooper

Head of Brand & Partnerships

So happy with the service that Clara offered! She helped me to build a very cool website and the process was flawless, she needed very little input from my side and she adapted to all the requests I had. Thank you Clara and hope to be working with you soon!

C. Petti


Easy communication and excellent proposals!

Very satisfied with the treatment and service received.

S. Van der Plassche

General Manager

Had the honor to work with Clara on a property project writing SEO texts. Highly-Efficient, FUN to work with and super professional. Most important was the reliability. She never had excuses and delivered always before deadline.

F. Neust

Content Strategist & SEO

Working with Clara is always associated with good results and speed, a combination that you don’t usually find in content professionals. I have collaborated on several projects and I have never had any problems. Thank you very much Clara for your availability and for your eagerness to do a good job

O. Garcia


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