Any company, brand or activity has a common goal, in which a lot of money and effort is invested: to reach your target audience better and faster than your competition. This has been and still is like that, and that is why we are bombarded every day with ads, messages, content, emails, pop-ups, banners or any other form of advertisement you can think of. The reason behind this is very simple. All these brands and businesses are competing for one thing and one thing only: your attention.

More than ever before, that is nowadays one of the biggest challenges any brand is facing right now, as we are exposed to thousands of stimuli that come from the Internet, the TV, our phones and many other platforms. Our audience’s attention is one of the most precious resources today, which makes it key to find the right way to catch those average 8-12 seconds of attention, according to many studies.

Traditionally, hundreds of brands and businesses around the world have been investing a lot of money every year in ad campaigns of all kinds. These tools are useful, no question about that, but the trend is increasingly moving towards a less expensive and more effective strategy: content marketing.

What is content marketing

Why does content marketing work?

The main reason is simple: if you offer quality, interesting and problem-solving content, you won’t have to look for clients, they will naturally come to you. Once we get there, our efforts will have paid off and your audience will talk about you, share your content and, of course, will want to buy your product or service.

Our target audience is nowadays more likely to connect with a brand that has a story to tell, share or simply a solution for a common problem its clients face regularly. With an SEO and content strategy aimed at your audience’s profile, you will not only be “selling” your product or service, but you will also be creating a deeper connection that will leave a more meaningful and lasting impact.

That is why thanks to quality content marketing we will be hitting two birds with one stone: our audience’s attention for a lot less money. With a much smaller budget than a traditional tv or press campaign, we will be reaching a more accurate audience that is coming to us naturally. The perfect combination.

What types are there?

The next question is, what kinds of content marketing are there? The answer is that there a more every day. With the arrival of new technologies, there are more ways of creating content to reach an audience that is increasingly more connected to the Internet. The amount of population that owns a smartphone grows more and more, which gives us an idea that our audience is more accessible than ever through their mobile devices.

Some forms of creating content today used by many businesses and brands are:

  • Blogs
  • Ebooks
  • Podcasts
  • Email marketing
  • Video
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Social Media

These and many others are ways of creating useful content for your audience. If, for example, your service is a dental practice, a way of offering useful content to your potential clients could be a video about how to properly brush your teeth. Or if your company is a computer repair service, we could create ebooks or tutorials about how to perform basic repairs on our devices at home.

These are just a few examples many brands use to catch their audience’s attention. If we provide answers and solutions to our customers’ needs, we will be becoming a reference on that subject, which will increase our authority against our competition.

What do we get from it

It is clear that the main advantages of this strategy are that we save money and drive attention towards our brand organically.

But we are not just doing this for the fun of it, right? We want to sell.

Convert audience

And that is something any content strategy can’t miss because when we define a content marketing plan, our goal is that potential client takes that step further and becomes a buyer. The way we do this is thanks to what we talked about earlier: we become a reference on the subject by providing an answer or solution to the client’s need.

If instead of investing millions of euro/dollars on a prime time advertising campaign we put that in content strategy, we will be creating a larger, better quality and more solid community that lasts longer.

Content marketing gets 6 times more conversion than other traditional marketing actions, so it is clear that this is something any brand or business should consider today.