You don’t have to be a big brand or company to have a quality website that attracts users.

In fact, there are billions of web pages today on any topic or business. However, not all of them offer content that is useful to visitors despite investing a lot of money in them.

With a budget that is fully accessible to everyone, you can count on quality web content that will make your page appear top-tier.

Let’s see 5 keys that can make your website attract and convert your visitors in the most effective way.

1. Quality web content

If your goal is to drive more traffic to your site and increase your sales, the solution is easy: you need to invest in quality web content.

Let’s not forget that a web page is, after all, our business card and the tool that will do the commercial work we need for our business. So, what should good web content that attracts and converts your visitors into customers look like? In other posts, we talked about what design elements cannot be missing from your website for it to be successful.

In this post, I’ll leave you some keys on web content that cannot fail in your site’s strategy that will put you on the path to greater visibility online.

Contenido web Web Content

2. Offer content that answers questions and queries

In previous posts, we have talked about the importance of quality in the content that we publish on any of our online channels, be it our website, our social networks or any other channel that we have.

Content Marketing

Content marketing after all fulfils a very clear objective: that your business or brand responds to the doubts or needs of your audience. Remember that many of the visits that any website receives come from search engines such as Google, which offers us results to our searches based on who responds best to that query.

So our goal as a brand or online business will be to appear among those first results. To do this, we must invest all our efforts in creating quality content that is useful to anyone looking for something related to our activity.

Publication frequency

On the other hand, among our main efforts, we must take into account the frequency in which we publish new content that is useful to our audiences. Our strategy will not be 100% effective if we post occasionally or with low frequency.

Google, as a search engine, prioritizes quality content that is also current, so we must not neglect this aspect.

3. A curated appearance

Although it seems obvious, it is not so common to find visually attractive websites. This not only means that they are “pretty”, but also that they are comfortable when it comes to navigating them.

Quality web content is also marked by a neat appearance that gives an image of our brand in line with what we want our audience to perceive it.

It is important to take care of the use of colours or typography, as well as proportions, distribution or white spaces. Remember that, as soon as they enter your website, the user is getting a 100% visual first impression.

Also on the Internet, we let ourselves be carried away by appearances and enter a website that is not very well cared for or not focused on the user experience, it will probably end in a bad positioning in search engines, since the visits will spend very little time on that site, with which will be interpreted by Google as a bad sign.

Therefore, one of the most important elements of any web content is the home page, since it is the first page that users see as soon as they click on your URL. The home page should give us an introductory idea of ​​what we are going to find on that website in a summarized, attractive and simple way.

Diseño contenido web Web content

4. Blog content

As we have mentioned before, the frequency of publication of new web content is important when it comes to positioning our page in search engines. And for this, one of the most useful and accessible tools today is a blog.

With this tool we can publish quality web content constantly, taking into account aspects of SEO that are useful to us, such as the creation of articles based on keywords.

Having a section for a blog allows you to create content specialized in your brand or business and focus on giving those answers that your audience is looking for. Once they reach you thanks to this channel, it will be when they are ready to request more information, buy your products or directly hire your services.

Redaccion blog web

5. Post on your social media channels to promote your web content

Social networks are the perfect complement to your web content. Many users find it very useful to follow their favorite brands or companies to keep up to date with all their news.

In this way, if you follow a blog publishing strategy like the one mentioned in the previous point, using your social profiles will be the best tool to amplify all that new web content that you will be creating.

Depending on what your brand or business is, it will be more interesting to use some networks or others. Not all of them meet or are aimed at the same type of audience, so taking that into account, we will know where it is more interesting to publish our content.

With these 5 keys to good web content, you will know that you will be following a more oriented strategy to attract traffic and possible sales to your website. Your page must be something more than a beautiful and published site on the net, it must be there for a purpose: the success of your business.