Think of any brand you know, yours for example. They all have something they want to talk about to their target audience.

The reality is that this is becoming more and more complicated, given the amount of information and content available on the web.

Creating new and constant content is one of the keys to positioning any brand. One of the tools that work best is SEO copywriting.

There are many benefits that SEO can bring to the visibility of any online brand.

But today we are going to talk about how good SEO copywriting is one of the basic pillars to generating the content that your target users are looking for and that can place you among the first search results on the internet.

What is SEO copywriting? Content for people, not machines

There are several ways to write content depending on the goals of who’s writing it. In the case of SEO, it’s all about a piece of content created meeting a series of attributes that are relevant to our ranking goals.

It is about writing content so that search engines see real value for users who are looking for that specific topic.

Therefore, the pieces that we want to rank for must include some attributes that those search engines “read” and that helps them to identify that piece of content as suitable and worthy of ranking better than other similar ones.

Next, we will talk about the elements that must be taken into account when complying with the list of requirements that any SEO content must have.

SEO writing must be oriented to search engines but – and this is very important – we must not forget that those who will read that content are people. That is why we cannot neglect that our writing must also be oriented to human reading.

A piece too focused on search engines could leave that aspect aside, which could cause rejection among our readers. This, in turn, would translate into poor ranking, since we would not be retaining those visits.

Elements for good SEO copywriting. The ultimate checklist

As we said before, unlike any other piece of content that has other purposes, SEO copywriting must contain some elements to be identified by search engines.

What elements are those?

Among the main attributes that we must include in any piece of content that we want to rank for thanks to SEO, these are the ones that you must mark on your text creation checklist:

  1. The keywords or keywords. This is the basis of any text or SEO piece of content since it is the base on which we will build it. Remember that SEO ranking is based on the words that users enter in the search bar. This way, knowing those words will give us the tools with which to build content that responds to those searches.
  2. The meta tags. As part of its name indicates, these are tags with pieces of text that we will place in different areas of our content, although not entirely visible to users. These tags will be indicated in areas such as headings, images, the title of the website itself, the URL, or the description that appears in the result of any search engine.
  3. Images. Illustrating any content with images is the perfect addition to make it more attractive. That is why, as we said in the previous point, the images must also be optimized for SEO with internal tags called Alt. It is recommended that these Alt tags contain the target keyword that we will have defined at the beginning of the whole process of creating our content piece.
  4. Internal links. This is one of the attributes that have the best SEO rating. Search engines will analyze the content and, if they see that there is an interesting connection between some articles within a blog or web page, this will give them a signal that the content has authority, knowledge and that it offers variety to users. That is why creating topic clusters around the main topic is very useful. In this way, related subtopics will derive from a “parent” one, the perfect opportunity to generate many internal links.

Conclusion: Without content, there is no SEO

We already know that for good search engine ranking, SEO copywriting should be one of our main tools to achieve these goals.

But we must not forget that the most important thing of all is to have content, hence the need to introduce good writing for SEO purposes. You do not know how? Here are some tips on how to write for SEO.

Constant and new content is the food of any SEO strategy.

Do you need to introduce good SEO copywriting for your website or blog?