Nowadays, thanks to SEO any brand or business can climb to the top of Google’s results page. SEO for SMBs is the perfect tool for small to medium businesses who wish to stand out online at a minimum cost.

From big corporations to independent professionals, SEO is the most accessible tool there is as it can provide the same results for everyone, no matter the field, brand, industry or business.

If you don’t know exactly what SEO is and what it can do for your brand or business, go and take a read here, it’ll give a clearer idea.

How does Google work?

Google is the number one search engine in the world. Who doesn’t use it to do practically anything these days? If you want to read the news, find an answer, a recipe or even an online yoga class, you go to Google.

The possibilities it offers are infinite and that is exactly why millions of companies and businesses around the world see great potential in it by becoming the first result in a search query related to their activity.

Making it to the top 3 positions guarantees huge traffic to your site, which translates into more sales and business growth.

What does Google take into account to make a site rank first?

There are multiple factors at play here but, most of all, the number one is keywords. These are what users introduce in Google whenever they search for something online.

That is why knowing what words our audience uses is so important to build a strategy in our SEO plan. When we use these terms right, we can make it to the top positions of Google’s first results page.

There are, of course, other factors that can help a site rank in Google, such as quality content, technical aspects or your site’s authority. We’ll see all of this here.

What can SEO for SMBs do for your business?

Like many small and medium-sized companies, there are some conditions that affect our decisions when making business decisions such as advertising, marketing or, in this case, SEO:

  • You don’t always have the necessary budget
  • You don’t have the staff to carry out these actions
  • You don’t have the time

However, we saw earlier that one of the advantages of SEO is that it is accessible for everyone. We don’t have to be a big company or corporation to start working on it.


SEO is actually is free, which means, the actions we need to take to reach our goals are free of cost, as opposed to other strategies that require an investment in paid campaigns, e.g social media or Google ads.

In this case, the only budget we need to consider is the professional we hire to work on our SEO strategy. Everything else will happen organically without spending any extra money. When you make it to the top search results thanks to SEO, you are doing this for free.

There is where the value lies when it comes to SEO for SMBs (and SEO in general).

So, now that we know this, what are the advantages of an SEO strategy for your small or medium-sized business?

1. Affordable budget

We saw earlier that SEO per se is free, it doesn’t come with any added costs, we will only have to consider how much is the SEO professional we hire for the job. There are many to choose from, some are more expensive and others are not, and you decide which fits your budget.

2. You get quality traffic

The benefit of SEO is that you are creating content and catering to your audience’s needs, as you are providing the answers they are looking for. This is what makes users who look for a solution through Google come to you naturally.

3. Site authority

Thanks to SEO for SMBs, your business can become a reference within your industry. Nothing speaks better about a business than seeing it in the top three results of Google. That means you are one of the go-tos for that specific query, which has tremendous value in terms of online authority.

4. Stability in time

Another one of the benefits SEO offers is, once you have built the authority we just mentioned, your highlighted positions in Google will maintain themselves in time.

When we get to that point, all previous efforts pay off: Google is now your best sales tool.

SEO para empresas_SEO for SMes

What actions are necessary for a good SEO for SMBs?

Now that we know that the benefits of SEO for SMBs are countless, we must focus on what we need to place our business on the path to online visibility in Google.

As a first step, any small or medium-sized business must have some basic tools without which any SEO efforts would go to waste.

1. A website. Don’t have one? Your business doesn’t exist

Your business’ website is your most powerful sales tool, it works for you 24/7. Of course, it must be well optimized and designed to attract visits, retain them and make them convert into clients.

You may already have a live website but if it’s not optimized for SEO, have it live or don’t, it doesn’t make much difference.

Your web’s design has to be perfectly aligned with your SEO goals, otherwise your site’s business proposal will lack any sense.

2. Loading speed. 5 seconds can make you lose sales

This is one key aspect you can never look past. A site that loads slowly will make you lose sales, ranking positions and, ultimately, online reputation.

Your site must always load fast, in the least time possible, as the average user doesn’t even wait 5 seconds to see something online.

This and other technical factors can affect your site’s quality, read about them here.

3. Create quality content. Blogging is what saves you

Any business has a lot to tell about what they do, what problems they can solve and a ton of other interesting things.

Thanks to this, you can create content on a regular basis and have it 100% aligned with your SEO goals. Here is where your squeeze all the juice from your target keywords. With them, you can publish related content, which is exactly what gives you the visibility you want in Google.

You can start with a blog but there are other equally effective channels you can go for: video, podcasts, social, guides, tutorials, etc. It’s your choice.

4. Work with local SEO

It doesn’t matter if your business operates at a local level or if it works at a greater one, do not miss the opportunity to cater to those near you, as you can be their closest option when they look for your product or service.

With the help of simple and easy tools like Google My Business, you will be automatically under Google’s radar the moment someone looks for your products or services in your area. This feature is also 100% free so use it now!

5. Optimize all sites of your web

Each section or subpage can be a sales tools your clients go to when they perform a search related to your product or service.

That’s why each and everyone of your pages needs to be optimized for SEO. That’s the only way you can rank well among your users and competitors.

SEO and web design

How does SEO affect your SMB website?

It affects your site 100% because, as mentioned earlier, this is the difference between a web that works as a selling tool or a web that’s just another live site on the internet that no one knows is there.

That is precisely the most common mistake among many SMBs. They create their website first without considering introducing SEO aspects that make it effective.

The good thing is that many SMBs have simple websites that are easy to fix.

However, it’s always better to begin building a site with all SEO specifics in place, so that you don’t have to turn to quick fixes in the future. Sometimes, the easiest way to fix a site is to just build it again from scratch.

The value of SEO for SMBs

Now we know that, whether your business is small to medium, SEO for SMBs is the perfect tool to make your company grow by reaching quality clients in an organic and sustainable way.

You can read more about SEO web design here.

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