When it comes to designing a website, many businesses pay little attention to an area that’s more important than it seems: that’s the web footer.

It is often one of the most neglected sections of a website but if you have one yourself or your business has one, don’t make the same mistake. The reality is that users actually scroll to the bottom of a page, which makes it crucial that we offer something worth making them stay a little longer.

Not paying attention to this section of our site means we are wasting an opportunity to make our users take one extra action before they leave the site.

That is why we’ll see here what elements we must and we mustn’t include for a top experience for our users.

Where is the footer on a website?

This is an area of a website that’s located at the end of the page, that is, the footer. Much like a written document or a picture, the footer sits below the main content providing extra information or some sort of additional details.

The main reason why we must build a footer for our site is basically that we can avoid our users from ending their visit in a sudden and uncomfortable way.

By offering a section with information and links of interest, we are giving our users the chance to take one more action before exiting the page.

It can be a call to action, a link or contact details, which may be of great help for our users, so they don’t have to scroll back up again.

pie de página web_web footer

How must a footer look like?

There are thousands of possibilities, as many as preferences and tastes exist in the world.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to consider some characteristics before letting our imagination fly.

The footer is usually the place where we insert links to legal and privacy information, in addition to other useful content.

To give you some ideas, here you can see some examples of what good web footers look like.

Less is more. Keep it simple for a winner look

We have the chance to place great content on our web footer and we don’t want to miss out on that, do we? But we have to do this with moderation, otherwise, we might end up stuffing it with a lot of things, which can scare our users away.

That is why less is more. Place relevant links, a call to action and make it clear how to contact your business.

These three elements will guarantee a clean and attractive experience, adding value to a great web design.

Why should a website always have a footer?

Although in the past people thought that continuing navigation or scrolling down was an added difficulty, user habits have changed enough so that this is no longer an inconvenience when browsing the web.

Therefore, the main reasons why it is important to have a well-optimized footer. Here are a few reason why you should work on yours:

  1. It is a way to provide an ending to the website

In written pieces, we usually include final conclusions or summaries as a way of indicating that the piece ends there. However, for websites, it works a little differently as there is no actual summary or conclusion we might find somewhere on the site.

That is why it is so important to have a footer on our site. We are letting the user know that they’ve hit the end of our website. They can take some additional actions in case they are not ready to exit yet.

2. You invite your users to take extra actions

At the end of browsing the web page, in the footer, we propose some actions for users to perform before leaving the page.

It is an opportunity to invite them to access information of interest, fill out a subscription form or access another section of the page.

3. It adds value to the user experience

Anyone who visits a web page wants their experience to be fast, smooth and easy when it comes to finding what they are looking for. Therefore, the footer is one more area in which users will have quick access to those parts of our website that they are interested in.

Making sure you provide a quality user experience will be another advantage to ensure that we retain our visitors longer and that we can offer them useful content.

Despite the fact that it is an area of ​​any website that, as we have seen, offers great added value, there are still millions of pages that do not have a well-structured and optimized footer.

Always keep this aspect in mind whenever you are going to build your new page or renew the one you already have active.

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