Turn Your Content Into a Money Machine.

Get More Leads in 3 steps

SEO and Pay-Per-Click strategies to transform stale content into the ultimate Authority Builder, Money-Making machine.

Target what your audience REALLY wants.

Stop throwing money away.

Get MORE SALES from your content

The web grows by millions every day. The competition for “a place” online is fiercer than ever.

Your online business is probably doing everything right – a lot of content, video, social media, ads, you name it.

Everything looks great, but you want to get more leads.

Is this happening to you right now?


Your ads are making you burn $$$ with no real return on the investment


You are not getting the traffic you want


Or maybe you are but get few conversions – readers don’t become buyers


You spend a lot creating new content that goes unnoticed

This is why you don’t get more leads

Why is your current content not working?

Top-quality content is the currency of website traffic.

We all know that.

There’s nothing Google loves more than to see users value, click and share a piece of content.

So here you are, looking at all the amazing content you’ve produced –  great articles, blog posts, ebooks, the works.

But still, it hits you –

Why is your content making zero cash, then?

This is more frequent than you think. Here’s what happens – most companies understand the importance of creating content.

But unfortunately, they fail to miss these CRUCIAL problems:


Ad campaigns that don’t have eye-grabbing copy


SEO issues that keep you from performing well on Google


Not having a crystal clear picture of who your audience is


Content not serving the actual search intent


Failing to understand what your competitors are doing


Content doesn’t provide 100% value to readers


No compelling calls to action

Make your content work smarter, not harder

How do you drive more leads to your website?

The formula to get more leads through your content is all about giving readers what they want. Simple as that.

This process takes a bit of understanding of what your users want, what they need, and when they need it.

Here is a list of actionable steps that can take you a lot of steps up the Google ladder:


Identifying SEO issues that keep the site from performing well


Making sure your content aims at the right keywords


Making sure your ad campaigns are 100% optimized


Reviewing your landing pages to see if they match your audience’s needs


Creating new content aimed at your audience’s search intent


Being consistent with the content creation strategy

This is what the process looks like

From zero to success in 3 steps

1. We look at your site’s SEO health

What keywords you are targeting


Are all important SEO requirements in place?


Are you serving search intent?


Is your content being indexed?

2. SEO research for opportunity

New keyword research


Competitor’s research


Search intent

3. Content & Campaign optimization

What’s already in place


We optimize existing content and paid campaigns with our SEO findings


We propose new content and ad strategies aligned with our SEO targets


We track performance of the existing and the new content

What clients are saying…

Had the honor to work with Clara on a property project writing SEO texts. Highly efficient, FUN to work with, and super professional. Most important – the reliability. She never had excuses and delivered always before the deadline.

Frederik Neust

SEO Manager, Independent

Working with Clara is always associated with good results and speed, a combination that you don’t usually find in content professionals. Her contributions helped us to produce content that was much more targeted and SEO-compliant. We experienced significant growth in search rankings, from pages 2-3 to page 1 for targeted long-tail keywords.

Oscar García

CEO, Metricaweb

I highly recommend Clara for any of your Ads, website copy, and blog articles. She is a very eye-to-detail professional with highly regarded work. We worked together for a couple of clients, and I was always impressed by her fast response and deliverables. Big miss for anyone who cannot afford her!

E. Cifre

CEO, Digitadu

Happy clients

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Palma Pictures
UMusic Hotels

Case Studies

SaaS saw 15% increase in target market

Creating specific case studies for their service, they grew their visibility among one of their localized markets

Luxury service grew its audience recognition and authority in the market

Creating a more specific content strategy throughout all marketing channels – web, blog, social, media, etc

Fitness business increased 12% in awareness and demand

Bringing more consistency and producing more targeted messages to their existing clientele meant 12% in brand awareness and demand

Frequently asked questions

What does the free the consultation include?

The free consultation includes a basic first look to identify glaring issues preventing your site from ranking well on search engines and in your Ads campaigns.

What's the price?

Prices may vary as the approach is project-based. We look at your current state, needs, and goals and define a price for your specific project.

Who is this service for?

Any online business – SaaS, websites, e-commerce – struggling to make their existing content and ads perform well whether new or existing.

How long does it take to see results?

Any SEO and PPC specialist will answer the exact same thing: it depends.

SEO and paid search efforts are subject to a number of variables that are constantly changing – Google updates, competitors, new trends, etc. A rough estimate could be somewhere between 3-6 months. But again, it depends – you may even see results after a few weeks. One thing is certain: the sooner you begin, the faster you’ll see results.

Hey! I am Clara. 

So good to have you here!

After more than a decade as an in-house professional in a myriad of industries, I am now The Content Maker.

Why do I care? I hear you ask.

The great thing about this is that now YOU can benefit from all the great/terrible/funny things I’ve seen work and fail for others.

And what’s more – I am here to share with you the one thing that has worked for all of them with no exceptions – extremely good content.

I always tell my clients this:

Content is not an expense, it’s an investment.

An investment in finding out what your audience wants and needs. It’s about becoming the go-to option for them. And about watching results prove you right.

Who doesn’t want that?

I am thrilled to have you here today and to help you make your content profitable.


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